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Lillie Renee Arrington-Poppell

"Don't judge the book by the cover"

Born October 17, 1966 in Blakely Georgia the fifth of six children of Robert Ree Arrington Sr. (1930-1996) & Lillie Belle Arrington. Siblings - Vickie, Peggie Ann, Robert, Marlene and Marvin.

Lillie Renee was born with Cerebral Palsy on her right side and a speech impediment. As a first grader, she had speech therapy and had to wear a brace on her feet at day and her mother assist her with feet exercises at night.

A very determined young lady she pushed to succeed. If someone said she could not do something she pressed until she was successful.

It was not easy and she has overcome many obstacles in her life, like trying to fit in with others. She was bullied and called unkind names by kids making fun of her disability. Raised in a Christian Home, she has continued to serve her Lord & Savior with fervor. Once asking God why Me? She has become a witness and inspiration to those around her as to the goodness of God. Everyone has trials in their lives but she believes that it is how we handle those trials depending and leaning on God. Her favorite scripture “ Philippians 4:13 King James Version…-.I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Everyone began to grow to Renee’s lovely spirit filled with humor, love and kindness.

When Renee was about 2 years old, the medical professionals told Renee’s mother that due to her birth defect she would never make it past the third grade. She attended and received her High School diploma in May 1986 and then attended North Florida Junior College in Madison Florida to study many courses including automotive mechanics. Renee then moved to Thomasville Georgia where she attended Thomas Tech where she received two diplomas in computer specialist in 1995 and Office Technology in 1988. She maintained a 4.0 and made the Dean’s List twice.

She has worked in numerous positions which included Secretary, Book Keeping, Pharmacist -Assistant, Data entry clerk, substitute teacher and recently Co- Manager of Next Chapter Book Store under our Neighbor Inc.

On November 23, 1996 she married Joseph Poppell and raised three children, Chris, Rachael and Joshua.

She presently lives in Northeast Georgia where she works and is active in her community.

Her hobbies include auto mechanics, pottery, fishing, painting, horseback riding and going to the gym. She enjoys being with her friends going to movies, concerts and conferences. Oh and she LOVES horses!

Her favorite book and authors are Jan Karon and Danielle Steele.

She feeds her soul with positive uplifting music daily listening to Ken Copeland and Jesse Duplantis Ministries.

Lillie Renee is the sister of Marvin Ree Arrington Founder of The Lillie Renee Foundation. The Foundation was named after her as a tribute to her indomitable spirit in the face of challenges.

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