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Marvin Arrington

Founder of The Lillie Renee Foundation


Born March 29, 1970 in Covington, Georgia the sixth of six children of Robert Ree Arrington Sr. (1930-1996) & Lillie Belle Arrington. Siblings - Vickie, Peggie Ann, Robert, Marlene and Renee.

Marvin was raised in a Christian household. His father was a dedicated school teacher who felt strongly that every person should learn a trade regardless of their intension to go to University. His father taught vocational arts and math among other subjects. Marvin’s father is the inspiration behind his hard-working ethics and desire to do for others that are less fortunate. Marvin’s mother was the reason for Marvin’s compassion and God-fearing ways. She made sure all of her kids were raised and active in the church.

Marvin’s grandfather on his father’s side, Mallie Ree Arrington, was known for his compassion to others. Mr. & Mrs. Marvin W. Fulghum, Marvin’s grandparents on his mother’s side were also very giving and compassionate people. Especially Lillie Fulghum or “Nanny” as the family affectionately called her. No person affected Marvin more than his “Nanny”. It was from his grandparents, parents, siblings and teachings of the church that Marvin learned the joy of giving.  

Marvin was raised primarily in Pelham, Ga. He graduated from High School in 1988 from Central High School in Thomasville, Ga. He then attended Thomas College for a year and then transferred to Auburn University where he received a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. He went on to get his Professional Engineering license in the state of South Carolina where he was employed at the time with the Clark Construction Group.

Marvin started his career in the Bahamas in May of 1998 at the Our Lucaya Project in Freeport, Grand Bahama. Marvin was one of the first employed by Centex Rooney on the site and the last one on site to close out the project. He has continued to work in the Bahamas in Exuma, Chub Cay, Harbour Island and Nassau.

Marvin is the President and part Owner of Sagoma Construction International located in Nassau. Marvin and Jean Charles started Sagoma Construction in 2012. The business has continued to expand and is the main catalyst for funding of the Lillie Renee Foundation. Charles and Marvin also started Nassau Machinery in 2014. Nassau Machinery is another big contributor to the LRF.

Marvin currently lives in Nassau and is active in his community. Marvin started really giving back when he received a fax from Kola Pedican of the Kemp Road Urban Renewal in 2007. The two of them developed a real genuine concern for the community. They continue to work together today giving to those less fortunate or in need through the Lillie Renee Foundation.

Marvin is married to Melisa Marie Arrington. They have three children Melia, Mason and Marisa, all of which reside in the Bahamas.

Marvin’s hobbies include hunting, fishing, motorcycle racing, and aviation.  

Lillie Renee is the sister of Marvin Ree Arrington Founder of The Lillie Renee Foundation. The Foundation was named after her as a tribute to her indomitable spirit in the face of challenges.

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