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A Heartflet Thank You from Dorian victims.

The card read...

Mr Arrington

Words cannot express our gratitude to you for your help in our time of need. Our family needed a ray of sunshine when we saw you and you confirmed our departure. Your kindness will never be forgotten

May you receive many blessigns for your act of kindness.

With Love, Andrew, Farrah, Sierra & Eden Cartwright.

Scout Pack 106 collects Hurricane Dorian Donations

Lillie Renee Arrington-Poppell son Joshua and his scout troupe in Homer, Georgia have begun accepting donations for the victims of Hurricane Dorian here in the Bahamas.


Our Founder Marvin Arrington has profoundly touched the lives of some of the victims of Hurricane Dorian with his extended kindness. 

An Abaco Resident took to social media to extend your grattitude. See image left

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